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Some Of Our Facebook Reviews

Professional and know what you need your there. I've been a patient for over a year an need a place like head to toe to help maintain my core muscles. Due to lower back pain. I and the pool pt is perfect. I have also so sent friends there. trust them and they take great care of me. Thank you head to toe.
Phil R Whittier Avatar
Phil R Whittier
The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. My therapist listened to my concerns and helped me reach my goals, answering all my questions and explaining each step along the way. Her enthusiasm was encouraging, inspiring me to work hard. I would recommend HTT to anyone approaching or recovering from surgery. They are great!!!
Mary Ellen Davis Avatar
Mary Ellen Davis
A very personable and relaxed environment. They don't just "go through the motions". Each visit is customized to what type of pain I'm having that day. I highly recommend Head to Toe!
Carolyn Berry McKinzie Avatar
Carolyn Berry McKinzie
Yes, I would recommend Head to toe to anyone who needs help. the staff is great, very helpful, relaxed and friendly. you feel like family, not a number. they are very knowledgeable. You will be glad you went. I am in a lot better shape due to their help.
Wendy Mason Avatar
Wendy Mason
Without them I wouldn’t be back walking, running and doing all the physical activities I love to do. They are all knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend them for anybody who needs physical therapy.
Issac Burnell Avatar
Issac Burnell
I am going there now and my therapist is so nice to me. She explains everything and it's done in a very relaxed atmosphere. I am greeted by a wonderful receptionist who seems to do so much and able to read my therapists mind! I feel comfortable going there and like they truly care.
Michele Virginia Vachon Avatar
Michele Virginia Vachon
Newer patient here but love them. Feels like family. Professional and truly care about how you are doing. So glad I chose them. Highly recommend to anyone needing physical therapy.
Denise Dube Avatar
Denise Dube
great place to go if you need a little help too get back on your feet. The staff is great,they try hard to work around your schedule. Aqua therapy has helped me alot, so give them a try, and fell better from Head To Toe.
Joline Laurendeau Avatar
Joline Laurendeau
The one to one Attention and care was incredible! I appreciate their skills and they are the best PT in the area.
Sandy Parent Avatar
Sandy Parent
This is my fourth or fifth time back and I love it.
Dawn Kendrick-Wheeland Avatar
Dawn Kendrick-Wheeland
I have used this place twice. They are a great and caring group of people.
Ron Cormier Avatar
Ron Cormier
I trust all of the physical therapist there. I will be coming back after my surgery.Would highly recommend y’all to anyone that needs physical therapy.You are the best.Thank you. Belinda Gunnells
Belinda Gunnells Avatar
Belinda Gunnells
PT at Head to Toe are caring and go the extra mile. I have been a client/patient over many years and will always go back when needed. Clean environment and listen to your input. Karen is the best of the best. Had my last PT today for knee replacement and feel confident that I can go forward as I continued with what she has taught me. Thank you Karen. 🌹
Nancy Landry LePage Avatar
Nancy Landry LePage
I've gone through physical therapy multiple times in multiple places and the use of the pool puts this one above the rest. The staff is great and well trained.
George Clement Avatar
George Clement
it's been quite a journey for me with my injuries and coming to head to toe physical therapy was my last thing to try and God bless Karen she has helped me dearly with aquatherapy/exercises for me to do which has helped me to feel alittle better just has been a slow progress (1year with not the proper help then finally I get it does make a huge difference) I just want to thank Karen and ALL her wonderful staff they are ALL so, amazing and caring people ❤
Barbara Casella Avatar
Barbara Casella
I love this place and my therapist. She is amazing and makes me feel confident and helps me to understand my situation better than my doctor.
Marcy Ross Avatar
Marcy Ross

Even More Reviews!

“I always feel comfortable here. Great staff-Karen is a wonderful PT- Helpful exercises to do at home, willing to listen and offers suggestions on things that might be helpful” – Marianne J

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Head to Toe from start to finish. Every member of the staff was professional & courteous and I would highly recommend them to my family & friends.” – Brian T.

“This is my second time I’ve utilized this facility for PT and both times I’ve had nothing but caring/excellent service.” – Susan W.

“Probably the most thorough PT evaluation I’ve ever had. Excellent RX! Pleased to be healing, however will miss my RX times!” – Joyce M.

“Very friendly. Cares for each patient individually. Very knowledgeable.” – Jacob B.

“Exceeded expectations. Dr. Marichal-Carrier incorporates professionalism with friendliness and clear and concise instruction. I would highly recommend your facility to friends and family. Support staff provided excellent customer service.” -Andrea G. 

“Extremely friendly and social.  Showed great concern and offered on-going support in the pool.” – Leanne N.

“Absolutely delightful. Karen is a real sweetheart and was very helpful! Did great work on strengthening and flexibility.” – Janet M

“The staff is very knowledgeable in providing the type of therapy an individual needs. They converse at a level that is easy for one to understand.” -James B.

“Sheena was very helpful with creating an exercise program that worked. From the first visit until the last she cared about my needs.” -Matt V.

“Phenomenal treatment and care. Thank you very much for everything. My days are actually bearable again.” -Samantha D.

“Had a wonderful experience. Everyone was so pleasant and friendly-from the receptionist to therapists. Thank you so much”

“This is the best PT I have ever had. I will recommend Head to Toe to anyone I know who needs PT. You make me feel like family. Always made progress each visit. Thanks for a wonderful experience!”

“Seeing only a PT and not an aid is terrific!”

“Very positive experience. I understand injury and treatment and am now prepared for better posture and strengthening of my shoulders.”

“My experience at Head to Toe has been very positive and I have made many gains that I never thought possible. In the past, I’ve been told to accept all the factors of my body and live with it. My pain has gone way down. Thanks for the excellent help!!”

“Karen is extremely knowledgeable and explains my condition in a manner I understand.”

“Seeing only a therapist instead of an assistant is a definite plus.”

“This being my first experience with surgery, I am grateful to have had the help necessary to function normally and everyone has been so helpful.”

“Karen found the correct diagnosis/hip problem and let my Dr. know which lead to corrective surgery and moving on with my life.”

“Staff is extremely pleasant and very willing to assist patient in any way possible. I consider this staff as both my friend and extended family.”

“It has been a pleasure working with you guys in getting me back to a better way of health and wellness!”

“My disease has been a difficult experience to process, medically and insurance wise. I am very grateful for the physical therapy that has helped me a great deal. To find a physical therapist that is upbeat, motivated and experienced with my condition gives me confidence!”

“The staff are all so friendly and welcoming and know how to work with their patients of all ages and genders. They are very understanding of your limitations, but push you to stretch past them for your well-being. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for all they’ve done for me!”

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