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Spring/Summer 2017

Hey Everyone!

Thought I would check in with my fans and give an update on my Head to Toe PT family.   

My mom has some new folks working with her and I like them a lot.  Pam gives me love every morning and when I don’t go to work she tells me how much she missed me.  And her husband, Brendon, is nice too.  I still haven’t convinced him to give me any of his lunch, but I am not giving up.  Christine has been working in our office for a full year already and she is my favorite! She drops LOTS of crumbs on the floor.  She must be very messy because I know my mom wouldn’t let her feed me on purpose!  Sheena is back from maternity leave; little baby Everly is already 5 months old!  I haven’t met her yet but it’s probably just as well- I hear she is really cute- might take away from attention people should be giving to me!   

One last thing- I am getting old.  And that means that I can be a little cranky sometimes.  So, if you come to visit me please don’t get in my face- my right eye is blind and it scares me when people move in too fast for kisses and hugs.  I don’t want to bite your face, but I will happily bite the small soft treats you bring me!

Love you all!

Over the Edge

Spring/Summer 2016

So we have a couple of warm days and THIS happens! When I said ‘a little off the top’, this is not what I had in mind. Someone should have told my Mother that summer in Maine does NOT start mid-May.

See it’s little things like this that just put me over the edge! I’m getting older and my tolerance is wearing thin. These days of dressing me up for the holidays, disturbing me when I sleep, shaving my body while it’s cold and the occasional ‘furry friend visit’ from a patient’s dog that I’m supposed to welcome, has run it’s course.

It’s been 12 long years doing things everyone else’s way, it’s time to put my paw down and clear up some confusion:  
  1. Haircuts happen after June 1st.
  2. If I am going to be dressed up for a photo shoot, ask yourself “Would I wear this?”.
  3. My services are on a volunteer basis.
  4. We will celebrate Pet Appreciation Week the 1st week of June w/ munchkin donations accepted.
  5. Don’t wake me– I AM DREAMING and it isn’t about you picking me up. I cuddle on my terms unless it’s Andrea. 
Rant over

November 2014 Update from your ‘World Famous’ Dog 

November 19, 2014 

I received a compliment today! Not that this is something out of the ordinary. Generally they are centered around my good looks and amazing personality. This time-someone actually emailed my mom and said I was the funniest animal blog on Google! How cool is that? Call me crazy, but ummmm this might just make me WORLD FAMOUS!! Anyway, this recognition of my talent got me motivated to put my literary skills to work and get you all up to date on the happenings at Head to Toe PT.

First, let me apologize on behalf of my moms. We didn’t have a patient appreciation event this fall like we have in the past. Things have been a little crazy here. Not sure if you have heard, but we lost a couple of our PTs. Katie and Ted have moved on. They told me it wasn’t my fault, but I don’t know if I should believe them. Ted, especially, made fun of my bad breath. You don’t really think he would leave because of that!? 

The good news is we have a new therapist in Topsham. Her name is Christina and boy oh boy, is she a go-getter! I get tired just being in the same room as her. (Oh wait, I’m tired all the time. Whatever!) I think she drinks a lot of coffee or energy drinks. I’m really excited for the patients over there because she seems like she’d be fun to work with- real bubbly, happy, excited about life and physical therapy! Rumor has it she tries to feed Ollie and Moby treats- I might have to pay them a visit! (When the heck is my mom going on vacation again?!)

And guess who else left me. . .Jess! Yup, the lovely lady who sat at the front desk in Topsham. I was always jealous when I went to visit my brothers because she used to hold Moby and Tucker a lot. She was a big dog lover. We welcomed a new receptionist in October named Jenn. She seems cool so far. Hopefully she likes dogs? If not, no biggy- I got Andrea in Lewiston! She gives me lots of love and treats (HA- take that boyz!).

So, now that you know about all the changes you understand why I couldn’t put on a party, right? Change is very stressful for me. Just look at this picture. . .

But don’t worry. I think by spring I will have recovered and trained my new folks, Christina and Jenn, well enough to help us put on a SPRING FLING! Something to look forward to after a long, cold winter!

There has got to be a limit! 

November 6, 2013 

This has gotten out of control!

I have another new brother. What the heck is going on in this place? Three boys and me. Really? If we were going to adopt another lost soul, why couldn’t it have been a lady? I mean look at me…well groomed, fresh breath, outgoing (well the first two might not be true, but..) Then you have 3 boys. THREE! One is Jill’s shadow, another has some serious social issues (if you’ve met Tucker-you know exactly what I’m talking about) and now HIM! I have a feeling this one is going to steal my thunder too. He runs around the Topsham office all happy, greeting people, being friendly. THAT’S MY JOB!

No going back now, the transport has left and we are stuck with this one too. Ugh! So I might as well tell you his story….

Moby came here on Saturday, November 2nd from Tennessee and is approximately 6 years old. He and 3 other shih tzus were dumped at a local farm. One day later, four more shih tzus were found at another area farm. The rescue organization believes they all came from a puppy mill that decided they were no longer useful.

I gotta tell you – I do have one thing up on this guy- Moby is just a peanut, weighing in at only 9lbs. I bet I could take him in a fight! Too bad he is so cute. I have to admit (as much as I don’t want too), one meeting and you’ll be in love with this little guy!

Oh, and one more thing- he’s sporting a Star Wars collar (as in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi)… give me a break!

Meet Tucker! 

August 8, 2013 

Hey folks! It’s me, Bailey, again. Seems like my first blog was such a success I was asked to write another one. (Told you I was perfect!) Big news to share with everyone. . . I have a new stepbrother, another southern gentleman from Tennessee. Although, if you ask me I’d tell you he is more like a scrooge than a gentleman. First time I met him, my mom (traitor) was holding him. Did you read that?! I said my MOM was holding HIM! Not ME! Ya, I’m over it. Thanks for asking. OK, so anyway, my new bro . . . his name is Tucker, another rescue Shih Tzu. Can you say S-U-C-K-E-R? Yup, that’s my step-mom, a sucker. Get her on Petfinder and it’s all over.

Oh, ya, a scrooge . . . sorry I got distracted trying to tell you this story the first time. Well, you see, while mom was holding him, I took one look at him and he growled at me! Yes! Growled at sweet, innocent little me! (Excuse me one moment; mom is trying to change the story. She is saying that I actually growled at HIM! Hmm, she may be right. BUT, remember I told you that she was holding HIM and NOT ME! What’s up with that?) Well, even if I growled first he is still the scrooge! Seriously, Tucker has some issues (quirks, as we like to call them!). I think he was abused by men. During the first week at work he growled and barked at any male that entered the clinic. Don’t get scared, now; remember he’s a Shih Tzu who weighs 12 pounds! Oh, and while he barked, he backed up! (Another scaredy cat like Ollie!)  

 Of course we can’t have barking and growling at the clinic. I thought, “Sweet! Bye bye Tucker! Back to sharing my moms with only one other dog!” But, no such luck. Mom bought some silly collar online that sprays citrus in his face when he barks. And that crazy dog actually has caught on to it! He’s not barking nearly as much. In fact, he actually goes out to say hello to people. This is another issue I have with him! Remember I told you how I was the social one and Ollie was shy and stayed in his mom’s office? Well, now I have competition! And I CAN understand what you guys are saying! That you think he may be cuter than me. (It’s not my fault my breath smells so bad!) 

So . . . Tucker has been coming to work now for almost a month and I have come to realize that he is not heading back south, so I better get used to him. I’m trying. Really, I am. The other day when I came running into the clinic to say hello to everyone I wanted to play with him, but got snubbed. He just ran away from me. I’m going to keep trying, though, because, don’t tell anyone, but I think he is cute! Tucker is very cuddly and loves to be held. As soon as you pick him up it looks like he just melts in your arms. PATHETIC! I mean CUTE!

Another thing about Tucker- he loves to fetch. If you throw a little tennis ball he’ll run and get it for you, drop it, and let you throw it again, only to go get it AGAIN! In fact, Tucker will do this with you for a good 5-10 minutes. Can you believe it? Talk about simple! My moms try to get me to do that, and I humor them maybe once or twice because I do need SOME exercise. But for 10 minutes? He’s crazy!  

OK, I think you are starting to get a sense of Tucker’s personality. To be honest with you (and you have to promise not to tell my moms), I think he is going to fit in just fine! If I could only get him to share a bed with me!

Meet Ollie & Bailey 

By now you have heard us talk enough about our clinic dogs, Ollie and Bailey, and I’m sure you have seen one of 5 million pictures posted on Facebook of them? Why not get to know them a little better?

For those of you who have only visited one clinic, you may not even know that there are 2 of us! Yup, two! (And before you even ask, this is Bailey- since Ollie is so shy I got stuck writing this blog.) Occasionally, we visit each other, but for the most part, Lewiston is my home while Ollie prefers Topsham (because he can’t leave his mom’s side . . .baby!)

Don’t you love my snaggle tooth?? and my pal Mr. Bunny? I’m just so stinkin cute!

Our moms rescued both of us, at separate times and from separate places, but we actually have a lot in common. We are both wicked cute Shih Tzus! For the first part of our lives we “worked” at puppy mills, weren’t treated all that well, and then finally were saved! I am 7 and a half years old- even got my papers to prove it! (My birthday is Dec 4th just in case you wanted to get me something!) Ollie, on the other hand, doesn’t know how old he really is- some of the adoption papers say he was born in 2004 and others say 2006. If you ask me, I think he was born in 2000! He acts so OLD! Barely even wants to play with me! We both have a few quirks; what do you expect from our rough puppyhood?!

Ollie…being lazy like usual. Musta been napping again!  

Ollie is really sensitive to noises and people touching his paws- so please don’t yell or talk too loudly around him and DON’T play with his feet! And well, I really am perfect! But, if I have to come up with something I’d say it’s being around children. They move so fast and like to get in my face. I can’t see well out of my right eye so when kids come at me quickly I get really scared. So, even though I look cute and everyone wants to play with me, please keep your children away . . . if I want to say hello I will come to them! Oh, and we are both from the south. I’m a true southern belle from Alabama and Ollie is a Tennessee gentleman.  

Like I said earlier, Ollie spends most of his time in the Topsham clinic, where he enjoys snoozing in his bed, following Jill (that’s his mom) around relentlessly, and eating yummy treats brought in by patients! For the most part, Ollie is timid and gets frightened easily. I even caught him getting scared from the noise of his own collar! (I told you he was a baby!) Seriously, he is quite the love bug. (When we have sleepovers, he always has to cuddle up right next to me- GROSS!) It may take him a while to trust someone new, but once he lets you in, he’s a forever friend!

See what I mean?? Always taking over MY bed when I am trying to sleep..sheesh!

Now, I on the other hand, am not at all shy. When I am not sleeping (and, by the way I do NOT snore- there are frogs in my bed!) it is all about the lovin! Bring it on! I am really good at helping patients with their exercises, making appointments, supervising, and giving kisses. I have heard people call me a “red-headed spitfire” – not sure what that means and if I should be flattered or offended. I guess it’s because I can get a little excited, maybe even silly! What can I say? I know how to have fun!

My fashion sense really is impeccable, don’t you think??

Occasionally, we may not be at the clinics- even we deserve a vacation! If our moms are there still, please don’t ask about us and ignore them- they get upset. We know you come in just to see us, but try to PRETEND it’s for the physical therapy!

……..by the way, I’m really the only one who does any work around the clinic, the physical therapists are just there to make me look good!

And that my friends is how to conduct a physical therapy treatment!

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